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Friday, April 17, 2015

Greecologies, Little Italy, NYC.

In my last post, I mentioned how I love when a cafe has nice open windows to let in the natural light, and this place has that, amongst other things.This cafe is in an area that houses a whole bunch of nice places, and although they don't have a huge, colourful sign that tells you where it is, it does not disappoint once you walk inside.

I think it's a place worth looking for.

See more photos and read more about my experience, after the jump!

The interior is like stepping into someone's home, with open space, as well as a nice simple couch, in the front. Towards the back, there's a little window area that shows their yoghurt making machine, and at the very back is their outdoor seating area that I, personally, am in love with. The photos really speak for themselves here at how visually appealing this place is.

They offer coffees and teas, smoothies, a few other desserts, and some savory options, as well as a wide variety of toppings to go with their strained or un-strained Greek yoghurt. I always tell people I know to try their honey, because it's so amazing. And if you ask them politely, maybe they'll let you try some of it first. Though it won't take long to get you to order it with your Greek yoghurt.

The staff are so nice as well, and can hold a conversation with anyone who has questions, which they get a lot of. Take your time to really soak in the place, look at their menu, and experience everything else there. They also sell their own honey and preserves, which I intend to purchase one day when I'm up for carrying it back to Queens.

This is the type of place you would go to socialize and catch up with friends during one of their busier times, or to do some work and relax during one of their off times. You can probably guess that I always go during an off time so I can get the place mostly all to myself.

I really love coming here when there aren't many people, because I'm able to walk around and freely relish the space, and the silence. Do come and check this place out when you get the chance, and step into the outdoor seating area!

Also, a funny thing happened while I was here. I was trying to take a coffee shot for Instagram, and I guess I was really focused. Because in the middle of it, one of the staff came behind me, patted me on the back to greet me and said, "Hey! How are you?" really nonchalantly. For some reason, I was so startled by him, probably because I didn't hear him coming, and this photo happened.

If you're reading this, I'm sorry for getting startled! I guess I was really into taking a good shot, that I drowned out everything else around me. I'll make sure to notice, and not be easily scared next time.

Check out their website here:
And follow them on Instagram @greecologies


Photos by Kyle.


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